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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what is your goal?

Hello there! I am a final year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. After discovering the amazing potential of chatGPT during my CO-OP, particularly AI workflows and agents, I felt compelled to further explore this idea. My goal is to utilize Generative AI and various prompting techniques to improve how students learn by not only helping them complete assignments but also gamifying the learning process and optimizing the student workflow. I would love to hear your thoughts on my project!

Nothing works!

Did you click the extension popup and login? If not, do that first!!!

Sometimes Qewy disappears when I type?

Triple-clicking h will hide Qewy, and triple-clicking h again will bring Qewy back. This is a feature to help you focus on your work. You can even make him dance by triple-clicking d! Try it out!

I don't see the email verification link

Please check your spam folder and wait a little longer, you should use the most recent link sent to you.

What does "I don't know" mean when Q-Chat says it?

When Q-Chat says "I don't know," it means either the virtual tutor failed to understand the context or there is too much context. To solve this issue, try reducing the number of files opened or start a new conversation. We are working to reduce errors so please email us your feedback at contact@studenthub.study or DM us @studenthubbb, we read them I promise!

How can I drag Qewy?

To move Qewy, click and hold on Qewy for 1 second, and then you can drag it around the screen.

How can I drag flashcards?

To use the flashcards, click on a flashcard and then drag it to navigate through the content.

How do I get all those options on any page that I see on the demo?

Simply right click on any page and click on the Q-Tools in the dropdown, different features will be available depending on if you selected text or not.

Where are my flashcards saved if I create them from right clicking and selecting text?

Your flashcards will be saved to the most recent course you clicked Q-Tools on.

Will Q-Chat have access to the links in my files?

Click on the purple emoji to the right of the module item and select Visit Url(s)

Does Q-Chat see images?

No, Q-Chat does not see images, only text. This is currently due to costs, but we are working on a solution.

How can I see my usage?

To check your usage data, click on the extension's popup in the browser toolbar.

How can I improve my experience with the Q-Tutor?

To enhance your experience with Q-Tutor, ensure you provide clear and concise instructions about your requirements. Though Q-Tutor possesses the knowledge of a professor, it makes decisions like a 5-year-old. Much like guiding a young child, you should be specific when communicating what you want and how you would like the answers to be presented. With your help, Q-Tutor can perform some amazing feats!

What happens when my usage reaches 100%?

Once you reach 100% usage, your system won't work until you either purchase more credits or wait for the daily reset.

I want a new feature added

We are always looking to improve our extension. Please email us your feature requests at contact@studenthub.study and also DM us on Instagram @studenthubbb

Are you affiliated with the University of Toronto?


It's just not working

Please try refreshing the page or restarting your browser. If the issue persists, please email us at contact@studenthub.study and also follow us on Instagram @studenthubbb for updates

Do you have any social media?

Yes, we only have an Instagram account. Follow us at@studenthubbb